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Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins is a theatre writer, director and educator who lives in Tacoma Washington. He studied theater arts at Western Washington University and the University of Puget Sound. Jim hails from a family with a great history of service. 

His father, John Watkins, US Army, served in WWII in the Pacific and was a 20 year veteran. His Uncle Bob Maurmann, served in the US Navy, his brother Tom, in the US Army. Jim and his brother John Watkins both served in the United States Air Force in Vietnam. The service history continues with his son, son in law and nephews. Jim had the following to say about his stay at the Evered House: "The Evered House is near and dear to my heart...Incredible location, vast views of the valley and mountains and a quiet serenity that heals the soul and energizes the creative juices."

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