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The Mentor Board consists of highly successful and notable individuals who have agreed to volunteer their time to work with our Evered House residents, providing them with inspiration and mentorship.

(In alphabetical order, as of 6/3/21.)

ANDREW AYLOR, Attorney, Sony Studios.

SCOTT COHEN, Award winning actor, director.

PETER COYOTE, Emmy award winning actor, “E.T.” “Adopt a Sailor.”


LAURENCE MAURICE DANIELS, Attorney, Office of Attorney General, California.


PATRICK EVANS, Broadcaster CBS News/Entrepreneur.


CHARLES EVERED, Co-founder, Evered House, Award winning Writer/Director, "Adopt a Sailor." 


JOSHUA FARDON, Actor, Playwright, Chicago Fire, The West Wing.


DEBRA HURTADO, Writer, Translator, Gardening guru, Florida. 


STEPHEN FISCH, Producer, Executive, Fox and MGM. Retired Navy Captain, recipient Legion of Merit.  


REDRAY FRAZIER, Musician and composer, “David Byrne Band.”


KIRK GEIGER, Actor, "Sordid Lives," "An Actor's Carol."


NOELLE GEIGER, Writer, Actress.


PAMELA J. GRAY, Award-winning actress, writer, "Law and Order," "Sons of Anarchy." 


ANTHONY GRIPPA, JR., Writer/Director, "Running Funny," "Half Brother."

CHRISTOPHER KNOBLOCK, Film Director, “House of Sticks.”

HAL LINDEN, Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor and musician. 

LOU MILIONE, DEA Agent, Department of Justice, former actor. 


CAMILLIA MONET, Producer, Actress, Esperanza Productions, Los Angeles. 


SCOTT E. MOORE, Musician and television producer.

BEBE NEUWIRTH, Tony and Emmy-winning actress, “Cheers,” “Frazier,”  "Madame Secretary," “Adopt a Sailor.”


RICHARD OLSZEWSKI, Financial Services Officer.


THOMAS J. OPLADEN, President, Yale Veteran's Association.


DIANE PAULUS, Tony-winning director, artistic director, American Repertory Theater.


AUSTIN PENDLETON, Award-winning, Tony-nominated director, actor, "My Cousin Vinny."


THAAO PENGHLIS, Emmy nominated actor, “Days of our Lives,” “Mission Impossible.” 


RAYMOND PINGLORA III, Entertainment CPA, MST, Van Duyne, Bruno and Co.

NOBLE A. POWELL, Award-winning fine artist.

JUSTIN RANDI, Business owner, (The Backed Potato, Los Angeles), musician.

ANDREW ROGERS, Renowned Australian land artist and sculptor, “Rhythm of Life.”

LIEV SCHREIBER, Tony-winning, Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actor, “Ray Donovan.” 


HOWARD SHANGRAW, Award-winning Director/Actor.

KIM WALTRIP, Producer, "Adopt a Sailor," "Hit and Run," "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby."

DANA WHITE, Writer/Director-actress, “House of Sticks.”


WILLIAM WRUBEL, Emmy-winning Writer/Producer, "Modern Family."


ROB ZWEMMER, Real Estate Agent, Philanthropist, La Quinta, CA.

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