Evered House
Newsletter 4

Evered House Press

SEPT. 25, 2020

Evered House 
Newsletter 4

Dear Friends of the House,

We’re so happy to report we are back on the property! We returned several weeks ago, after a 2,800 mile cross country journey. Since we landed, we’ve been working hard to restore the Evered House to the clean, managed two acres we know and love. We started right off with landscaping, cutting back, pruning, raking, watering and cleaning. We also found someone to help finish the outdoor stage, which we hope to finally complete in the next month. Eric, from Van Dyke Construction of Twentynine Palms, a company five decades old, came by to look at the foundation and has a great plan to finish it up. We’ll pour concrete, rake the slope and re-inforce it all with steel. The outdoor stage will be an important part— not just of the house, but we hope, of the Joshua Tree/Flamingo Heights community. In these times where prudence requires that we remain distant, and outside, the stage will host a myriad of events that will aim to safely bring our community together. We’ll host fundraisers, readings, concerts, theatrical performances, benefits, video shoots, workshops— you name it! The stage will be a living entity, keeping the house vibrant and moving forward throughout the year.

We are also offering NAMING RIGHTS for the stage, so if you know of an individual or entity that may want to link their name to the stage, and in doing so—support the house, let us know, and we’ll reach out directly.

Next on the agenda: Replace the fridge, hang the flag, fix the washing machine and order the plaque we’ll be placing on the founder’s stone in front of the house.

It really feels like this place is coming alive again.

Our resident schedule still holds. We have a full time resident booked for March 2021 and are considering other applicants for a residency during April, the following month. After that, we’ll open the house to a resident during October 2021, then mark our FIFTH YEAR by opening our doors to two more residents March 2022 and April 2022, respectively.

An additional programming note: we decided to push our “Pitch In” event to the spring, and will keep you posted on the new date.

We will be releasing footage of the House with some holiday flair in mid-December. Mel Smith will keep you posted as to what that will entail. We are looking forward to it and seeing you, even if it is on a computer screen.

Finally, PLEASE spread the word about us, will you? Shoot people a link to us on social media and direct people to our updated website. We count on your support to keep the house up and running, and making sure those who serve have a place to write, compose and play.

Thank you so much, Friends of the House, for helping us through these challenging times. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Charles Evered
Co-founder, President
Jacqueline Evered
Co-founder, Secretary