Evered House Newsletter 10

Evered House Press

MAR. 25, 2021

Evered House Newsletter 10

Dear Friends of the House,

We hope this finds you all well. We were so pleased to have welcomed Brian Delate, a veteran of the Vietnam War as a resident to the house this month. Brian expressed his appreciation beautifully in a letter he left us. In case you didn’t see it on our social media posts, here it is:

"Dear Evered House, I feel most fortunate to have had the time I've experienced here. Also, today is the date that I returned home from Vietnam in 1970. And here I am decades later, able to reflect and be productive. Solitude has so much possibility. The desert has such a special vibe, as does the Evered House. I work different here, slower, but methodical in my tasks. I imagined this desert being under the ocean at one time. Ah! The infinity of time and space—here now! Grateful. Thank you. Brian Delate."

Thank YOU Brian! It was our honor and pleasure.

We are also pleased to have commenced the 200 Campaign! It’s our goal to sign up 200 supporters in the next two years that can commit to giving $10 a month. If you can, please sign on. Just go to the website: www.EveredHouse.org. Click on “Donate” and you will be directed on how to set up a simple once a month withdrawal. If you have any questions, or need any help, feel free to contact Mel Smith directly at mgs122@georgetown.edu or (609)-439-1910.

Also, please spread the word about our campaign as this kind of grass roots support is incredibly important to our going forward. It costs nothing for residents to stay at the house, and we supply them with an honorarium to help cover food and travel. We want to make sure those who serve have a place to create.

Other house notes:

1) The work on the slate walkway around the house continues apace, with Kit working hard to finish it before he takes off to Tennessee in May. Kit is a professional landscape designer who is volunteering all his many hours, and we could not be more grateful. So far it looks beautiful, and we’ll continue posting updates and pics so you could see the progress.

2) In mid April, we hope to start the conversion of our shed on site to our admin-office, thereby freeing up the second bedroom in the house for residents with children. It will make the house more practical for artists that can’t leave their kids behind. Our brilliant and multi-talented Mentor Board Member Kirk Geiger is taking on the conversion of the shed and as usual, we’ll take pics and document the progress as it happens.

3) John Evered has been up to the house and has kicked off our effort to clear the front yard. We’re removing all the old poured concrete elements, deteriorating structures and other eyesores that the previous owners left behind. It’s great having John back on site, after having volunteered hundreds of hours in 2017 when he helped dig out our huge oval driveway. Our goal is to return the front yard to a clean, simple, natural desert setting. This work will go on through the summer. The Wishing Well will of course remain as it’s a beautiful element that is representative of the house and our goals. We hope to incorporate it into fundraising events in the future. We’re so glad to have John back working at the house and are thankful for his hard work!

4) We’re still planning to commence the “Adopt a Sailor - 50 State Tour" in July, assuming travel continues to open up. We’ll keep you posted on exact venues and dates.

5) Wish list items: Four blinds for windows at the house. If you know of anyone in the window treatment business, or have any connections that way at all, let us know. If we can’t get them donated, we estimate the cost of buying them to be around $500.

Well, that’s it friends. Please do keep spreading the word about our house, and encourage people to sign onto the $10 a month challenge! It makes all the difference in the world! And keep checking into the website as well to see pictures and updates on the progress we continue to make. Also, Mel Smith has written some excellent profiles of our Mentor Board members that are well worth checking out!

THANK YOU as usual, friends, for your support and belief in our mission.

Charles Evered
Co-founder, President
Jacqueline Evered
Co-founder, Secretary