Evered House Newsletter 2

Evered House Press

JUL. 25, 2020

Evered House Newsletter 2

Dear Friends of the House,

While we slowly move (some might say, crawl) toward potential normalcy, we take stock of the many changes that have swept over our lives during the last five months. As individuals, we’ve learned quickly what is important: our loved ones, our family, our friends, our health and the well being of our neighbors. At the Evered House, we’ve always kept an eye on what’s important: keeping the house open, keeping it safe, keeping it functioning. Making it a home for people to tell their stories, practice their craft, and express what they might not be able to express anywhere else.

As is probably no surprise to you, this has been an extremely challenging time for all non-profits. The Evered House has not been immune to those challenges. Our fundraising has been significantly effected and we need your help.

If you can afford to donate, please do. Simply go to this page (or use the button located at the bottom of this email) and make whatever donation you can manage. We’re not kidding when we say $5 makes a difference, or that $20 is a big deal to us. We appreciate any level donation at all. Also check out the naming and sponsorship opportunities available on our website. If you can’t donate at this time, you can help by spreading the word about our program. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Forward a link to our website. It all makes a difference, it all helps.

Upcoming News:
On September 12th, we expect to be back on the property in person— our first time since March. We’ll start bringing the house and land surrounding it back to its previous state. We have to reconfigure the landscaping, finish our outdoor stage, revitalize our garden, repair our flag pole, replace our refrigerator and washing machine, and do a major top-to-bottom cleaning of the house.

On December 19, we’re hosting a fundraising party at a private residence in Palm Desert in conjunction with Palm Springs Women in Film and Television. Please save the date! We’ll have more information about the event as it gets closer.

The Adopt a Sailor - 50 State Tour:

We plan on starting the tour again in 2021, concentrating on five Western states: Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Colorado. Can you host an event in any of those states? We’ve toured theaters, living rooms, coffee shops, wherever people can safely gather, outdoors or indoors. Please reach out and let us know if you’d like to host a stop on our tour! (You can directly respond to this email or reach us at info@everedhouse.org!)

In 2021:

January, we’re hosting our next resident and dedicating a plaque on our founders stone. Members of the Tkach family will be in attendance. You can read more about their story on our site's press page, located here!

March, we host a resident at the house.

May, we plan on hosting the official opening of the outdoor stage with a fundraiser and open house tour!

September, we plan on hosting our 3rd Annual "Soups and Sounds" event at the house! (Musical guests to be announced.)

October, we’ll have a resident in the house.

December, we plan on hosting a Christmas fundraising event on the outdoor stage. More info to come!

That will bring us to January 2022, which will be the start of our FIFTH year!

Finally, it’s worth recalling our house is open to veterans, journalists who serve in conflict zones (at home and abroad), first responders, front line workers, everyone who serves and who has a story to tell. As always, residents stay at no cost to themselves.

Spread our mission, will you? And thank you for your continued support.

Charles Evered
Co-founder, President
Jacqueline Evered
Co-founder, Secretary