Evered House Newsletter 5

Evered House Press

OCT. 25, 2020

Evered House Newsletter 5

Dear Friends of the House,

We hope this newsletter finds everyone healthy and well.

Some quick bullet points:

Thanks to a generous and caring marine from Palm Desert named James, we were able to finally install our new flag on the property. It’s waving proudly in the hi-desert winds, and signals all in the area that the Evered House is once again active and ready to jump back into operation. Thank you, James!

Eric Hofmans, our House Manager, (and former U.S. Navy Seabee), has been diligently working on finishing the outdoor stage. The cement has been poured, and it looks beautiful. Now we’re configuring the boundaries around the stage with a custom wood frame and stone base that was designed by the talented Joe Hertels. Eric’s dad even came by to help pour the “mud,” so it was indeed a family affair. If you follow us on social media, expect to see more shots of the stage as it evolves.

In addition, Eric has helped clear the grounds of old wood pallets, removed old appliances and started to use his backhoe to fill in and smooth out some ruts in the circular driveway.

Inside the house, each room has been getting a deep cleaning from months of dust that had seeped in over the spring and summer.

We hope to have the copper plaque installed on the founder’s stone in front of the house sometime in November. We’ll keep you posted as to when the unveiling will take place.

Also in January, Mentor Board member Marty James will be shooting new drone footage of the house and grounds that will cover the many new elements outside including the flag, the outdoor stage, the new walkway and landscaping around the house as well as the plaque out front.

We hope to unveil the new house introduction video soon after the new year!

Nuts and bolts:

Not very exciting, but REAL NEEDS of the house include:

1) A new water heater. A local plumbing firm has given us an estimate of $1200 to replace it and install a new one. The new one will be a definite upgrade and inspection worthy. Our current model is almost 15 years old.

2) A new refrigerator. Ours died over the “pandemic hiatus.” It was bought used, years ago, and was on its last legs anyway. We need a single door, white model. Nothing fancy, but steady and with a warranty. Estimated cost about $600.

3) New washer and dryer. The models we have are ill matched and old. With dust and sand a factor in the hi-desert, and with some of our residents dealing in paints and other materials, it’s important these appliances work well. Estimated cost for both, with installation: $1000.

Do you have any leads on appliances like these? Have any contacts in the business of appliances? Know anyone who would like to donate toward one of them? Please have them reach out!

Additional need: Four sets of blinds for our windows. The sun can be a real factor, even in the winter months. And at night, residents need to feel secure in their privacy. We estimate the cost of these blinds at about $500. If you know anyone who might have a lead on blinds, please let us know!

We’ve also begun planning for the arrival of future residents. In November, we expect to host Kevin Saunders Hayes! Kevin is an award-winning composer, songwriter, lyricist, producer, director and creator. Kevin is also the creative force behind 5by4, his production company currently based in New York City. As a creator and a small business owner who weathered the initial toll of the pandemic in NYC, Kevin’s residence at the Evered House represents our stated commitment to offer residencies to those who serve their communities in challenging times.

On December 19th we’ll host our “Annual Holiday Fundraiser” —which this year will be virtual. Mel Smith, our public relations and development intern will have more information about that in the next month.

Mel has also been doing an amazing job keeping our social media presence current and exciting as well as informative. She has been interviewing and profiling several of our distinguished Mentor Board members, starting with Stephen Fisch and Redray Frazier. Look out for her profiles as they are published on social media and other outlets.

We expect to host artists in both March and April of 2021. Then, starting in October 2021, we’ll begin our fourth year! We’ve finalized our new YEARLY HOUSE CALENDAR and think we’ve found a wonderful balance along with a myriad of ways to outreach all year long.

Look out for more news about our speaker series, our own film festival, the continuation of our "Soup and Sounds" concerts and of course our ongoing “Adopt a Sailor - 50 State Tour!”

Below is our new yearly calendar:


House opens, prepped for residents,



Resident 1


Speaker #1 — Speaker Series.


Annual Holiday Fundraiser


Speaker #2 – Speaker series.


Film festival


Resident 2


Resident 3


(Residence Closed for Summer)

Resident selection and outreach continues.

“Adopt a Sailor - 50 State Tour” continues.

Select fundraisers, bicycle, hiking events, etc.

Please remember, we are actively looking for naming sponsors for the speaker series, the film festival and for the outdoor stage as well. Please spread the word!

And most of all, thank you for your continued support.

Charles Evered
Co-founder, President
Jacqueline Evered
Co-founder, Secretary