Evered House Newsletter 6

Evered House Press

NOV. 25, 2020

Evered House Newsletter 6

Dear Friends of the House,

As we approach the holidays, we reflect on how much is going on all around us. Driving through the desert, I see people’s weary faces etched with exhaustion as we all work toward getting through this pandemic, the economic devastation that has resulted, the broken hearts and broken lives. I see shop keepers struggling to keep their stores open, restaurant owners and workers building makeshift patios outside, doing whatever they can to keep moving forward. I know so many students—two of which happen to be my own children, whose educations are being upended, halted, delayed, re-configured and the frustration that can result from that. We at the House are painfully aware of the heartbreaking toll of lost lives. And at the same time, the stories of resilience and courage that are emerging. The communities that are coming together. The love that people are showing toward one another. We’re humbled as we go forward—while heartbroken over those who have lost their lives and their livelihoods.

We wish for our country most of all—healing. Balance. Equilibrium. That we get through this winter, and emerge in spring with hope and a dedicated plan for recovery.

As for our little two acre patch of the world—“up the hill”—our own work goes on. We continue to update and maintain the house in anticipation of future residencies, some short term, some longer term. We have to balance safety with practicality. And we have to comply with mandated health codes as we move forward.

Some updates:

Our new water heater has been installed. Great job by Schroeder Plumbing of Yucca Valley. They worked with us on finding the most economical model and gave us the best deal they could. It’s a great update to the house as the last one was more than a decade old.

Happy to report we found a great used washing machine, and thanks to the generosity of Mentor Board Member Loren Masters, we were able to buy it this week! Thank you as ever, Loren.

We added the final two of seven limestone boulders that make up the main seating areas in front of the outdoor stage. Many thanks to Matt, from Whitewater Rock who donated both boulders. Eric Hofmans and I have spent the last couple weeks prepping the area, and literally moving the 500 to 800 pound boulders ourselves, inch by inch— into place. Even with our VERY sore necks and arms, it seems more than worth it. They look great. We’ve posted some pics on social media if you want to have a look.

We’re still looking for a new or used refrigerator. It needs to be the color white, with a top freezer. If we find one used, it should cost us around $300 to $400. If you have any leads, please let us know.

We continue to search for blinds to cover four windows—any leads on window blinds, please reach out!

Our Annual Holiday Fundraiser has evolved into a virtual event, out of an abundance of caution for health reasons. In its place, we’re going to premiere our new house video on that date (December 19th) with a little bit of holiday flair. We are planning to shoot new footage next Saturday. The brilliant Marty James is coming out to work his magic with his drone camera. We’ll have more news about the video next month.

Other news?

Our date for the plaque dedication on site holds for January 9th. If you could make it out, we’ll be practicing safe distancing, mask wearing and health protocols. If you can’t make it, we’ll post pictures or a quick video for sure.

Also, we’re in the very early stages of planning our first music festival at the house—for April of 2022. We hope by then the world will be healthier, the mood will be lighter, and we’ll have lots to celebrate.

Additional reminder: Remember to check out our website for new blogs, updates and pictures! www.EveredHouse.org

That’s it for now—take care of yourselves, Friends of the House— We are so thankful for our amazing supporters. We give thanks every day and continue to work hard in the belief that what we are doing, what we are building— matters. We truly believe it does.

Charles Evered
Co-founder, President
Jacqueline Evered
Co-founder, Secretary