Evered House Newsletter 7

Evered House Press

DEC. 25, 2020

Evered House Newsletter 7

Dear Friends of the House,

Wow, what a year. It’s been a struggle, but we have much to be thankful for: residents are finding their way back to the house, we got a lot of work done on the property, a stage built, boulders moved to the front of the stage for seating, a stone path laid out around the house, a fire pit, benches on the grounds, a new meditation path carved out in the inner acre, a new water heater, a new (used, but very cool) washing machine, a plaque for the dedication on January 9th and a veteran/custom made wooden American flag for the living room wall.

Items of note:

First, our congratulations and thanks to Loren Marsters, who officially joins the Mentor Board this year. Loren has been a dedicated friend of the house since day one, always giving of his time and (money), to help us through the more challenging times. He’s a brave Marine who has served his country honorably and who continues to serve through the Evered House. He’s also a terrific and accomplished writer. Thank you, Loren!

A shout out and special thanks to Marty James for producing our holiday video this season. It filled the gap perfectly in lieu of our usual holiday get together. We’re appreciative of the time and talent Marty lends to the house, and thankful as well that he’s coming out in January to shoot new footage for us to update our promotional videos.

Thank you also to Ava Gaul, who did such a terrific job building our new website. It’s been a game changer for us. She’s a terrific talent and you should check her out when you’re looking for a web design wizard!

And finally a DEEP THANKS to Mel Smith, who finishes her internship with us this season. Mel has been invaluable, humoring me on our weekly check in calls and mercifully laughing at my corny dad jokes. However, we are happy to report there is a silver lining in this story. Mel has agreed to come on deck with us in the new year and continue working with us in a professional (non intern) capacity! Mel is going to give us what time she can as our Director of Development and Publicity. She’s a full time student at Georgetown with lots of other varied interests, but we’ll take whatever time we can get from Mel. Mel is smart, funny, organized, inventive and a pleasure to work with. Jackie and I could not be more appreciative of her help and friendship. Thank you, Mel!

As 2020 draws to a close—and we look forward to brighter days ahead—we hope you’ll consider making a contribution to the Evered House. We mean it when we say, ANY amount helps, $5, $20, whatever you can afford. Your donation helps those who serve --tell their stories. And what stories they have to tell, especially after this year.

You can easily make a contribution through Pay Pal on our website at: www.EveredHouse.org.

Thank you again friends, for your kind consideration. We send you wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

Charles Evered
Co-founder, President
Jacqueline Evered
Co-founder, Secretary