Evered House Newsletter 8

Evered House Press

JAN. 25, 2020

Evered House Newsletter 8

Dear Friends of the House,

A new year has begun, and with it, new challenges— but also, new hope. We are so proud to say we finally had the commemoration ceremony on January 9th for the founder's plaque that honors my dad, Charles J. Evered, for whom the house is dedicated. It is bolted to the huge boulder right in the front yard. The small ceremony was attended by only a few of us, all masked, for safety reasons. Yan Tkach was there in person representing his family, the donors of the plaque, along with his wonderful partner Christina. The Tkach family are great supporters of the house, and have a history of dedicated service spanning two continents. Also in attendance was Margaret Evered, representing her grandfather, Jacqueline Evered and myself.

In addition this month, Mentor Board member Marty James visited the house and shot some new footage to refresh and update our introduction video. His footage will highlight the many new elements that have been added to the house and grounds in the last few months: the outdoor stage, the plaque, the slate walkway around the house, a fire pit and a new flag. Thank you, Marty!

We’ve also hung a beautiful wooden American flag that was hand-made by veterans on the brick wall in the living room. It looks amazing.

Other house news:

Thanks to Chris Palmeri, we were able to purchase a replacement refrigerator that will be delivered this week. Thank you for your generosity, Chris!

Resident notes:

We still plan on having at least two more residents before the end of this shortened residency season. By the end of April, we will transition into closing the house as the weather heats up. In October, we’ll start hosting residents again.

As with most non-profits, this pandemic has forced us to rethink our schedule and manage our expectations. We are putting safety first— and will continue to do so. Hopefully by next October we'll usher in some sense of normalcy, but if the last 11 months has taught us anything, it’s that we have to remain flexible, nimble and prepared for change.

Meanwhile, we continue to outreach in order to make up for understandable, as well as predictable, shortfalls when it comes to fundraising. People are hurting, families are pushed to the limit, and we get it. Even in this challenging climate however, we are constantly reminded of how generous and kind people are. Often times, someone will make a donation for $10 or $20, and apologize for the size of their donation. “Apologize!?” There is no such thing as a “small” donation. Every dollar makes a difference. Literally, every dollar.

To that end, we’re exploring new ways that people can give, that will be less onerous on their own budgets. Several people have suggested we set up a campaign that would allow supporters to make a monthly donation to the Evered House. That amount, (the cost of a latte at Starbucks,) would be debited from their account once a month. Even if it is as small as $6, if we get enough people signed on, it can make a HUGE difference. If we signed up 200 people for instance, it would go a long way toward allowing us to cover our monthly house expenses— so we could spend less time fund raising, and more time planning programming and covering resident expenses. If we set something like that up, we’d have to make sure the admin costs of the website don’t offset the amount being donated. Mel Smith continues to explore those options as we write this. If you have a second, would you write us back and let us know whether you’d be interested in signing up for a campaign like this? We are thinking between the $6-10 range— what amount would you prefer to allocate per month in order to help us out? And, if you’d be willing to spread the word? Maybe get a few people you know to sign up? We can call it the “200 Campaign” and start implementing it as soon as possible.

Finally, as we look toward the future, we are tentatively scheduling some events: The “Adopt a Sailor - 50 State Tour” is still slated to start up again in July, when Jackie and I plan to visit five Western states. Also, our 3rd Annual "Soup and Sounds" fundraiser for the fall of 2021— which will be virtual, and a Christmas 2021 event— which would also be virtual. What about live events? Well, we’re planning our first IN PERSON, live, with actual people in attendance event for April of 2022. That month, we are hoping to host our first “Evered House Music Festival” —putting our outdoor stage to major use. Why plan our first live event so far ahead? Well, we want to make sure we’re "out of the woods" pandemic wise. We also want to try to align our first live event on the grounds with the (hopefully by then) reinstated Coachella and Stagecoach Festivals around that time as well. There will be a lot of musicians in the area, and a lot of pent up demand for live playing. Already, we have commitments from TWO OF THE BEST players we could hope for: Scott E. Moore and Red Ray Frazier. Not a bad start. So pencil in these events, will you? We’d so appreciate your support.

As ever, please check out our website at www.EveredHouse.org for new pics and information. It’s also the easiest way to make donations, via PayPal, so send that website address to everyone you know!

Thank you for your ongoing support everyone. Have a great rest of the month — and stay safe.

Charles Evered
Co-founder, President
Jacqueline Evered
Co-founder, Secretary