Evered House Newsletter 9

Evered House Press

FEB. 25, 2021

Evered House Newsletter 9

Dear Friends of the House,

We are excited to announce the start of our “200 Campaign!"

The “200 Campaign” is our effort to enlist, within the next two years, (March 1, 2021 to March 1, 2023), at least 200 supporters willing to commit to donating $10 a month to the Evered House. From studying other fundraising campaigns, we’ve discovered that this is an easier way for people to give—at a level they are comfortable with. People will be able to easily sign up, and the deduction will be made automatically once a month directly from their account. A receipt for that tax deductible donation will be available immediately. $10 a month, a total of $120 for the year. If you’re in a position to join on, it would mean the world to us.

If you can sign up today, just send us back an email letting us know, and Mel will send you out a clear and concise email explaining how to do that. It’s not hard, and it will only take a minute or two. If you’d like to go ahead and sign up yourself, you can do so at this link. Please consider coming on board, and just as importantly, please SPREAD THE WORD! Do you know someone—or, an organization that might want to join the campaign? FORWARD THEM THIS EMAIL! Or, have them get in touch with Mel. We’re happy to report we’ve already had 10 AMAZING PEOPLE! come on board, and now only have 190 left to go and two years to sign them up! We can do this!

In other news:

Please check out the Op-Ed article I wrote titled “Finding Common Ground,” about how I was inspired to start the Evered House in hopes of promoting unity in what sadly, has become a very divided world lately. You can find the article here. While you're at everedhouse.org, feel free to click around, meet our mentors and view our new intro footage!

We are currently prepping for what will likely be our last residency of the season. On March 1, we’ll welcome Brian Delate, a veteran of the Vietnam War and an accomplished actor and writer to the house. We look forward to providing Brian with an inspirational and comfortable place to create.

If we can fit a couple short term residencies in during April, before the weather turns hot, we’ll do that.

Starting in October, we’ll welcome our next resident at the beginning of our 5th season! Wow, how time flies.

Work continues on the stone path around the house, thanks to Kit, an expert landscaper from Bozeman, MT, who has volunteered to build it for us. It should be done by mid-March, and we look forward to posting pictures as soon as it’s completed. During our off season, through the summer, we have a seemingly never-ending list of projects around the property to get done. We try to take advantage of the fact that there are no residents in the house to do all the work we can.

We may have a volunteer “work day” during the mid to late summer to get a few light tasks done around the property. We’ll keep you posted. If we could convene people safely outside, at a distance, and spend some time together that way, it would be great.

A couple other things:

We’re still planning on hosting the "Evered House Music Festival" on our new stage in April or early May, 2022. Fingers crossed, it’ll be safe to gather lots of people by then. It’ll be outside of course, and this gives us time to try to take advantage of the fact that the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival may resurrect around then, not to mention Stagecoach. We’re hoping to have the opportunity to coordinate with other musicians who will be in the area and entice them to make the short trek up to the house! We’ll decide on an exact day in the next couple months so you could "save the date” and plan your trip accordingly!

We’re still on target for continuing the “Adopt a Sailor - 50 State Tour” in July, covering 5 Western states. We look forward to safely hitting the road as (hopefully), the country continues to heal and open up from the pandemic.

Well, friends, that’s it for now. PLEASE consider joining the “200 Campaign” and SPREADING THE WORD about the campaign to others. We are always thankful for your support—as well as your belief in our mission. We look forward to filling you in on more exciting events next month. Until then, stay safe, and thank you!

Charles Evered
Co-founder, President
Jacqueline Evered
Co-founder, Secretary