Evered House Receives Major Donation from the Tkach Family

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JUN. 22, 2020

Evered House Receives Major Donation from the Tkach Family

The Evered House, an artist residency for veterans and those who work in conflict zones, has received a major donation of $5000 from the Tkach family of San Francisco.

Situated in Flamingo Heights, CA, near the world famous Joshua Tree National Park, the Evered house is a non profit that was co-founded by writer/director Charles Evered and his wife, Jacqueline. Volunteers at the house have included Evered’s children, Margaret Evered, who is a rising Junior at George Washington University, studying Political Science and Russian, and John Evered, who served three years in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps and graduated in 2019 from Princeton High School in Princeton, New Jersey.

Evered House residents so far have included memoirists, ceramists and playwrights. Currently, the house is closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic until the start of 2021. In the meantime however, work continues, including the construction of an outdoor performance space where the founders plan to host fundraisers, readings and musical performances in the safe and attractive open air environment.

About the Tkach Family:
The Tkach Family immigrated from Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992. Yan Tkach, who represented the family with this gift, is an actor as well as a commercial real estate broker and investor. Mr. Tkach resides in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of California - Riverside, where he was a student of Mr. Evered's. Mr. Tkach stated he was "inspired" by Mr. Evered's efforts to honor his own father. When he approached his family, his parents, Roman and Sofia Tkach jumped at the opportunity to honor his grandfathers, both of whom served in World War II. Sofiya's Tkach's father, Haim Kauffman, served in the infantry and Roman's father Lazar Tkach served in the marines. They both fought actively in combat from 1941 through 1945.

The Evered House plans to unveil a plaque commemorating the Tkach’s generous gift on the property in January of 2021.