Mentor Profile: Ace Powell

Mel Smith

APRIL 9, 2021

Mentor Profile: Ace Powell

Noted artist Noble “Ace” Powell III said that art was something he could always remember enjoying while growing up. He continued to practice through high school and decided on art school for college. Afterwards, he went back for a degree in commercial art to supplement his fine art career. He describes himself as an "abstract expressionist artist," but has worked on a wide range of projects. For twenty years he was commissioned to paint golf courses, which he never expected. He enjoys the different paths that art can take and continually appreciates how art “makes a difference in people’s lives. It gives people a whole new insight into things that they never would have had into the world. It changes the way people think and helps with tolerance and difference.” Through that understanding, Ace recognizes the importance of a place like the Evered House.

Ace Powell was initially introduced to the House through family. His wife, Marietta, is co-founder Charles B. Evered’s first cousin. Her uncle was Charles J. Evered, for whom the house is dedicated. When Charles B., (Chuck), started working as a writer in Hollywood, and teaching on the West Coast, everyone became closer. Since then, Ace has helped with some of Chuck’s works by designing movie posters, book covers, and most recently, donating some of his sought after fine art pieces to the Evered House. Remarks Chuck Evered: “I had known for years the impressive and wide ranging reputation Ace had as an artist, and when I stayed over one visit, I finally got the gumption to “hint” what a huge boost it would be to the Evered House if we could obtain a couple pieces. Of course, the truth was, we couldn’t afford them if we tried to buy them on the market. So instead, I employed the tried and true method of family guilt in finally hinting enough to get him to donate a couple pieces. I’m proud to say it worked, and two beautiful pieces hang in a prominent place in the house’s living room. They are the first thing you see when you walk in the house, and that’s a great thing for everyone who visits there."

The two lithographies (pictured above) add much appreciated color to the house and will always remain an important part of the house’s character and flair.

Beyond helping by donating his own pieces, Ace also volunteered to serve on the Evered House’s Mentor Board, made up of distinguished individuals who offer themselves as mentors to informally guide current and past residents of the house. Ace strongly believes in the house’s mission. He thinks it’s important for any artist to "discard day to day worries and allow your creativity to flow unrestricted. To lose yourself in the work…kind of like meditation. It’s the hardest thing to do because you have all these preconceived ideas that can block your creativity. Time and space are crucial to an artist, especially those who have been in stressful careers and jobs. A residency at a place like the Evered House is valuable and needed. Especially for those who serve.”

His advice to future residents? “Take a few days to acclimate yourself to the environment. Don’t worry too much about the product. Get the studio setup, get all the medium out and then just without any purpose or end product in mind—start to put your ideas down. Let it flow and let it drive itself.”

The Evered House deems itself fortunate to have someone of Ace’s stature involved with the house. To check out some of his work, go to: