Mentor Profile: Kirk Geiger

Mel Smith

FEB. 3, 2020

Mentor Profile: Kirk Geiger

Originally from Rochester, New York, Kirk Geiger moved to San Diego, California in his junior year of high school after his parents visited the West Coast. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. In between auditions he picked up contracting as a way to supplement his artistic career.

While working with an agent to help develop one of his wife’s projects, she asked Kirk if he wanted to audition for a new play. He agreed, drove up to the Hi-Desert Cultural Center, and read An Actor’s Carol and met its playwright, Charles Evered. They did a reading that night and founded a relationship that still stands today. After working together for some years, Kirk learned about the Evered House and Charles’s plan.

“As soon as he told me what he was doing I was like, ‘Very cool, I want to help in any way that I can,’” Kirk remembers. “He knows that I’m sort of handy and he asked, ‘Hey can you come up and we’ll do some things.’ So I went up there one day and we just went around and checked the thermometer, did some screens, put some shelves in, and put the bookcases up. That’s when he asked me if I could be involved and stay connected in any way… Of course I agreed to it.”

After going to the house several times, Kirk believes that the space is a great opportunity for artists. “It’s amazing… I think they nailed it with the perfect property. They really did… The actual land itself, it’s stunning. It’s a beautiful, beautiful area. For anyone getting away from a city, or getting away from a job, or getting away from any sort of tumultuous situation, it’s going to be an extremely healing spot to be.” Kirk is very hopeful and excited to mentor a resident, but also enjoys the handy work that he has been doing. Additionally, he is using some of the Evered House ideas to blend with his own passion: rescuing dogs.

Kirk has been rescuing dogs for over eleven years. He got to know a lot of the local rescue centers and met someone who had started their own rescue center. After bringing over seventy dogs to her, she asked if he would watch the center while she went on vacation. After being trained and a couple years of helping out, he decided to found his own canine sanctuary.

“We build these tiny homes– and this is where it’s very similar to what Chuck is doing –where we can get people who are newly on the streets or veterans, and put them in a house with a homeless dog, make a connection, and get everyone off the streets. We are still developing our plan, but that’s our philanthropic idea.” Through this Kirk believes he can “make some positives out of some of the voids out there.” Whether it’s with the Evered House or his own Animal Rescue Center, Kirk continues to create many positives and we are happy to have him on board!

To check out Kirk Geiger’s non-profit ‘The Animal Rescuer Center of California’ visit their website at –or– like and follow their FaceBook page here: