Mentor Profile: Redray Frazier

Mel Smith

OCT. 28, 2020

Mentor Profile: Redray Frazier

Redray Frazier was born into a family of musicians. His mother was a classically trained singer and his father a former pastor in a church where he grew up singing. One of his brothers is also a professional musician who Redray collaborates with often. “It was a family business, if you will,” he says. Although he was a self-taught musician and writer, Redray pays homage to his community. “It was more the people I surrounded myself with, which was friends and family who were doing the same thing—which made us a band. And you know the good thing about a family and friend dynamic is that you can talk to each other, you can yell at each other, you can argue with each other,” he adds while chuckling. He feels fortunate to have as many people to look up to “being the youngest of the crew”.

His family was based in the tight-knit town of Rutherford, New Jersey which is where he met co-founder Charles Evered. “Those ties never die,” Redray emphasizes. The two knew of each other growing up and became friendly during their high school years. As they both continued to develop their crafts, the pair was always aware of each other’s careers. “What the Evered House does,” Redray believes, “is invaluable, simply because it’s hard enough to carve out space when everything aligns for you... When you have a designated spot like the Evered House, you can take it to the next level. I think that with those who have served—who need the help and need the support—it’s a no brainer to say yes to.” Being from the East Coast, he also thinks that the area is a very opportune place for creativity because of its natural beauty and peace, and the House is in a perfect location to “really just get inside yourself.”

Having a special affinity for supporting anything artistic, Redray readily accepted a position on the Mentor Board. Although he has not had the chance to mentor any musicians, he has a pretty good idea of the type of community and environment he wants to build for future residents.

“I don’t think I have a particular plan, but the way I’ve gone about working with others in my professional career is to hear the idea. You say yes to it all and you work things out until it doesn’t work out, and then you try something else... If you have a thought or a plan, it’s come to you for a reason. My job is to help create a space where a person feels comfortable with their own voice and sort of detail it later. But keep the thoughts flowing and hopefully have that feeling. I will not be an obstacle to someone and I don’t want someone to be an obstacle to themselves.”

Redray Frazier’s advice that he wishes to impart to all residents is, “Prepare for silence. And stillness and channel that. Leave the clutter of your mind. Accept this space to explore yourself and your ideas. It’s for you, so make it yours. This rare opportunity has been given for you to succeed. Your support staff wants you to discover the best part of you. Just be open when you come in and expect to meet yourself.”

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