The Evered House: A Place for Military Artists

Marie Joyce | National Veterans Magazine

The Evered House: A Place for Military Artists

Charles Evered has made a name for himself, having directed two feature films, selling a script to Steven Spielberg’s studio and writing award winning plays, but he always felt he could do more. And so he has. Evered and his wife Jacqueline have co-founded a residency for military veterans who are artists as well as those who serve in conflict zones. Applications are also open to first responders, front line workers and health care professionals. Located in the hi-desert town of Flamingo Heights, California, the three bedroom ranch is not far from Joshua Tree National Park. The house was dedicated in honor of his father, Charles J. Evered, who died in 1979 and was a veteran of World War II.

The project is a family affair, as both of Evered’s children, Margaret and John, have worked to make the house a reality. John Evered, a former U.S. Naval Sea Cadet, worked for three months clearing brush around the house and building a driveway. His daughter Margaret Evered has pitched in as well. His step daughter Ava, constructed the non profit’s impressive website. Evered himself served in the navy reserve, reaching the rank of Lieutenant.

“The fact that three generations are involved; my dad, myself and my kids, gives me a lot of pride,” beams Evered.

The house offers residencies lasting a month at a time during October, March and April. There is no cost to the residents, and the Evered House provides an honorarium for travel and food. Initial funds were raised to put a down payment on the house in 2017. The first year was dedicated to readying the grounds and furnishing the house.

The program hosted its first residents during the 2018-19 season, including a memoirist who wrote about life in Uganda, a ceramist—and a writer who is a two time Purple Heart recipient and Vietnam vet. Now, after shutting down for a season due to the pandemic, it will go into its fourth year building an outdoor performance stage. A new crop of residents are invited to apply for the 2021/2022 season.