Donation levels, sponsoring, and NAMING OPPORTUNITIES

Please check out the wide array of opportunities below to support the Evered House. All donations are tax deductible and can fit any budget! If you're interested, please contact us directly at (609) 613-0925.


Want a personal tour? We got you covered! Need your script read over and given personal and professional feedback? No problem! 


Or consider sponsoring a unique part of the House and have your name, your family’s name, or your company’s name permanently inscribed on a plaque designating the area in addition to the Evered House printed literature.

$100 – Signed Copy
Receive a signed copy of a published play by our co-founder, Charles Evered. Charles’ plays have been published in beautiful editions by Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. along with other publishing houses. You’ll receive a personally autographed copy along with a note of thanks. Available titles include: The Shoreham, (Premiere featured Eric Stoltz, 2001), Wilderness of Mirrors, (2003), Clouds Hill, (2004) and Celadine, (Premiere featured Academy Award nominated actress Amy Irving, 2004.)

$250 – Social Media Blast
Your or your company’s name will be blasted worldwide with our sincere thanks on blog posts, newsletters, dedicated mailings and social media posts. We’ll encourage our friends, followers and supporters to “like” and share your content.

$500 – Script Evaluation
Have a play, TV pilot or screenplay you’re working on? Need some professional feedback? Our co-founder Charles Evered has written for major studios, networks and stages all over the country. He has also taught at the university level for more than twenty years. He’ll be happy to give your script a read and send you notes on how you might bring it to the next level! For more info on Charles and his writing and directing career, check out:

$1,000 – Script Consult/In-Person Meeting
Does your script or project need more detailed attention? Charles would be happy to read your material, provide feedback and then meet (virtually) on Facetime or Zoom. This is a great way to get one on one focused
attention on your passion project!

$1,500 – Personal House Tour
When there are no artists in residence, we can offer you a personal house tour by our co-founders, Charles and Jackie Evered. For now, or if you’re far away, we’ll have to do this by Facetime or Zoom–  but once it’s safe, we’ll be happy to offer these tours in person as soon as we can. The founders will take you literally, room to room, giving you the history of the house, showing you the resident quarters and where the artists work. We’ll show you the progress we’ve made and the projects we continue to work on. We’ll show you the art on the wall and perhaps if you’re lucky, we’ll catch a Jackrabbit or Coyote sighting! We’ll SHOW YOU the gorgeous outside two acres, the outside stage and the entire circular driveway that Charles and his son John Evered carved out of the desert during a very hot couple months in the spring of 2017. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the founders and ask questions about the program. This is also a great chance for groups as well as individuals to get a personal, behind the scenes look at the house and the beautiful area that surrounds it.

$1,750 – Wall of Thanks
Your or your company’s name custom painted on the Artist’s Shed, overlooking the performance stage.

$2,000 – Name on plaque
Your or your company’s name inscribed on a perpetual plaque proudly displayed inside the house.

$3,000 – Bench
Located either on the porch or in the scenic garden area.

$4,000 – Resident Hall
A distinct hallway that runs through the center of the house. 

$5,000 – Kitchen
Newly remodeled, bright and fully stocked!

$5,500 – Stairway
A quaint wooden garden stairway in the front acre.

$6,000 – Bridge
A wooden walking bridge in the front acre. 

$7,000 – Artist Shed
Incredibly important outdoor structure that houses tools, supplies and seasonal items.


$8,000 – Terrace
A beautiful stone area overlooking the performance stage, with
mile long views. 

$9,000 – Garden
Next to main body of house that features well maintained succulents. 

$10,000 – Studio
A wonderful, quiet and peaceful room with mile long views. 

$11,000 – Administrative Office
On site work space for the program, located inside the residence. 

$12,000 – Resident Bedroom
With its own bath, walk in closet, and back yard view. 

$13,000 – Artists Corner
Outside waiting and prep area area for artists performing on the Evered House Stage. 

$14,000 – Meditation Path
A gorgeous stone path near the performance stage for privacy and reflection. 

$15,000 – Film Festival
Have our yearly film festival named in your or your company’s honor! The Festival occurs every February over one weekend. 

$20,000 – Speaker Series
Have our bi- annual speaker series (Every November and January) named in your or your company’s honor.

$25,000 – Performance Stage
Outdoor performance space, stone and pavement, gorgeous mile long views, named in your honor, for readings, poetry events, music performances, etc.

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