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Opening Date Announced!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming schedule, which includes the opening of the Evered House in Port Haywood, Virginia, along with residency dates. While subject to change, the schedule below should give you an idea of what an upcoming Evered House season will look like.


Opening date: October 4th

  • Artist in Residence

November 2025

  • Artist in Residence

December 2025-March 2026

  • Christmas season fundraiser

  • Residency closed for Winter

April 2026

  • Artist in Residence

May 2026

  • Artist in Residence

June 2026

  • Residency closed

July 2026

  • July 4th Event and Fundraiser

  • Reading of the Declaration of Independence

August 2026

  • Residency closed

September 2026

  • Residency closed

Check back in for more updates!

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